After having my house up for sale with another realtor for over a year, I was most impressed when one realtor in particular kept bringing customers through. When I asked him why, “He told me that he loved the house and was hoping to get a buyer”. Needless to say, I dismissed the other realtor and immediately asked Sajag to represent me. Because my background is sales and marketing, I was extremely pleased with the total marketing package that he approached me with. Using demographics, etc., he projected the home to those that fit the description. When my back was to the wall on buying a home out of state, Sajag told me he would have the house sold by the end of August (this was in June) and he had a contract with very reputable people by the end of August. After talking to my lawyer, he said that Sajag was one of the students attending alternate ways of marketing that stood out to be a star. If anyone asked me, “Who should I use to sell my home, I would not hesitate to recommend Sajag?”. He truly listens to you and adapts his marketing to your needs. Thanks so much and I am very happy with the move. Linda Burke-Williams